#151: Want to Be a High Flyer? Get a Little Black Box

There are two funny things about an aircraft’s black box, one funny peculiar and the other funny ha-ha.

Humor is an aid to learning, so let’s begin with ha-ha. The black box isn’t black. It is bright orange. So it can be found more easily.

No doubt you want to find success more easily. Here’s where the funny peculiar of the black box can help.

Airplanes are incredibly safe because of the industry’s unrelenting quest for even safer. Hence the smart trick of the black box. It records failure and overwrites success. Think about it. The box saves failure and deletes success.

We do the opposite. We record our successes with pride and hide our miserable failures. And we think success comes from doing right what must be done. We evaluate progress in terms of what we did right and we ignore what we did wrong.

Actually, ongoing success comes from not doing again what was shown to be wrong. That’s why pilots record their failures and overwrite their successes.

Become a high flyer. Get an orange black box and do like pilots do.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.