#72: You Will Be Left Behind If You Mistakenly Follow Right

What is the opposite of right? Before you shout left, let me be more specific.

What is the opposite of right as in correct?

Once upon a time my immediate response would have been ‘wrong’ as in incorrect. With scratches and scars that tell of me not knowing my left from my right, I now believe that the opposite of right is… learning… as in teaching moment.

I have never learned as much from being right as I have gained from being wrong. So I wonder:

Why do we only have positive role models? How about a few negative ones!

Many of us will gain more by trying to be less like poor Mr. X rather than striving to be more like spectacular Mrs. Y.

This applies equally to companies. Don’t always compare yourself to a better competitor. Compare yourself to a worse one to see what you should avoid doing at all costs.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.