#42: Why you can’t live your life in a straight line

Here’s nonsense at work with a mind opening observation by the psychologist Roy Baumeister: You spend about 95% of your time driving your car going straight, but it’s the turns that determine where you end up.Now consider this about flying in a jet plane. The only way your pilot gets you to your planned destination is by constantly changing course.

Blame it on the shape of the planet, the force of gravity, altitude winds, space potholes or air bubbles. The fact remains that your jetliner continuously, if not stubbornly, flies off course.

The only way the pilot can get it to its right destination is to make constant little adjustments to pull it back on track.

If an experienced pilot only gets where he needs getting through constant correction, and the turns we make on the road are what gets us to where we need to be, why then do we expect life to be lived in a straight line?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.