#153: The Cost of One Thing Undone Can Mean Day Interrupted and Project Stalled

Here’s nonsense at work, triggered by the one thing that you must do before your day can really begin. You can get well into your day, but there often is one thing, if left undone, that will mess up the rest of your day.

Here’s an example. My son was born in a place where he could run outside as soon as he woke, still in his pajamas. But an unsympathetic adult would always interrupt his day with a ‘get dressed’ command.

I used the pain of play interrupted to teach him that certain things must be done to create a platform for success. The daily disciplined actions we make ritually prepare us to take advantage of opportunities, unexpected or planned.

The same idea applies to a project or task you are facing. What one thing must you do to secure the platform for actual progress?

Uncover that, do it and the rest is play.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.