#95: Fixating on the Pooh Side of a Task

Is Not a Game

I live in a house with two big dogs. The house also has one teenage boy. Where I come from, both in time and place, dog plus boy means boy picks up dog pooh. Every day. The way I did when I was the boy.

What motivated me to face the daily pooh was Peter Paddle. If I did not pick up what the dog left behind, then Peter would paddle on my behind.

Sadly, I may not paddle behinds in this country. Paddling has stopped with the generation that caused the baby boom. Instead, I must use my management skills at home.

I tried to explain to my son that he should not fixate on the pooh side of the task. He should focus on outcomes, namely a clean lawn to play on. He replied that video games have no mosquitoes or humidity.

Surprisingly, we finally agree on something.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.