#149: Denying Change Creates Innovation Sickness

Let’s talk about car sickness.

Have you noticed how everything inside a moving car appears stationary? Only when you look out the window, can you tell that the car is moving. What if you cannot see movement, but still feel it? That’s when car sickness happens.

The same thing happens in organizations. Some employees are aware of outside change and they talk about it. Others tend to ignore the outside world. Yet, they sense something is going on. Instead of opening their eyes, they make us sick by whining and complaining.

But the real risk happens when executives deny change outside by promoting stability inside. You cannot easily stop your kids looking out and seeing movement. Neither can executives stop employees noticing change when they are away from work.

When you deny change that can be sensed, but not seen, you create innovation sickness. And then, as with car sickness, you won’t be going anywhere new.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.