#46: You must dance to get stoned

To Get Stoned

Have you noticed? A city is not a city, and a town is not on the map, unless it has at least one guy on a horse carved in stone standing proud at a traffic intersection.

Here’s the interesting bit. No matter how often the traffic light turns green, the guy and the horse don’t budge. And no matter how many years pass before you visit again, the guy and his horse are still standing.

I know many people who want to be like that guy. But here’s the problem. They live the way that guy sits now. Stuck. They don’t do and they don’t move.

They forget that the guy on the horse was once a frantic doer and a mover. That’s what earned him the right to be stoned.

I have never seen a statue dance. Unless you move, you cannot dance. And life is a dance before you get stoned.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.