#111: You Are the Anchor in the Puzzle of Your Life

A single piece of a jigsaw puzzle makes little sense. When linked correctly with other pieces, the sense appears.

Does it matter to the picture if you attach more importance to any one piece? No, but it does matter to the puzzle because one right piece can make the job easier. It anchors the picture and serves as a frame of reference.

In the puzzle of your life, you are that one piece. Without you to anchor it, your picture will have no reference point and thus no meaning.

Even so, don’t become too self-important. As with puzzle pieces, you must fade into the bigger picture to complete it. You must be part of the Puzzle of Life to complete your life’s puzzle. If you cop out, then you become the missing piece, the glaringly visible gap.

You might stand out by being absent, but you don’t succeed by being apart from. You succeed by being part of.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.