#137: Why “Cultivate Your Change” Is Not a Jingle

So, you want to change and you want to manage change. Answer this: when is change an event and not a process? When it jingles in your pocket.

And when is it a process? When you treat it as a vegetable garden. (I know. You find your veggies in the freezer section, but try to imagine you’re the gardener.)

What outcome do you want? Vegetables. So you prepare the soil, you plant, you nurture and you harvest, in that order.

You manage the process, even though you cannot totally control the outcome.

What part of the process most often destroys the harvest? Nurture.

Because if you don’t kill the nonsense, I mean the weeds, they will suffocate your plants.

Remember, cultivate your change. Because if you don’t treat change as a process and live it as a process, then the process will make small change of you.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.