#229: Who Hesitates Is Luckier Than the Early Bird. And Vice Versa.

I am driving to meet a client for lunch. The four-lane road splits, with big trees and thick undergrowth dividing the two lanes going to my future from the two lanes going back where I came from. Suddenly, on a gentle curve, a car appeared. Going fast. Coming towards me.

We dodged. And continued on our way. Me? Shaken. Later, when the shaking stopped, I was stirred into shouting, “WTF just happened?”

Once again, Time had played a timing trick on me.

How do you know when the time is right to make a decision? I’m not talking about obvious decisions, but tricky ones. Sometimes when you procrastinate, it will cost you. Other times, you will benefit from the delay. So how do you know which and when?

Not so long ago, I watched as a car raced through a red traffic light. Luckily, the drivers who had the green hesitated long enough not to become roadkill.

Once again, I was reminded that it pays to leave home a minute later than planned. That way, I miss the crazy lady decorating her face or the dashing cowboy running late. But I worry that my minute of delay might create enough time for the second fast fool to get me.

The point is, whether at work or on the road, the one who hesitates might be luckier than the early bird. And vice versa.

Who knows?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.