#52: When You Plan, Plan to Fuhgeddaboudit

Are you planning your strategy for next year? Well, then you had better forget about this year.

What does saying, “Forget about it!” remind you of? Yes, yes, I know it depends on who said it and how it was said. But that’s not the point.

Sometimes, telling someone or telling yourself to forget about it means that you won’t. You have put your brain on high alert. You cannot easily forget what you have highlighted.

This is why it’s so dangerous to build your plans by projecting this year into infinity and beyond. You are actually strengthening this year’s hold on your thinking, right when you need to free your mind to imagine new possible futures.

Hence the need for fresh thoughts, not stale projections. If you must project, then at least start with zeros. Zero-based thinking will help you lose your memory.

In other words, you will fuhgeddaboudit.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.