#103: When Negative Thoughts Are Positive

Do you think positive thinking works?

You’re right. We must first define it.

Positive thinking is what you do when you think the best will happen even as the worst is sneaking up on you. It’s a kind of self-talk that rudely interrupts the other kind of self-talk that is trying to protect you.

Here’s an interesting fact. Researchers are almost positive that positive thinking is healthy. They positively suspect that positive thinking may add years to your life.

I say “negative!” and here’s why. The world is overpopulated. Think about it! If more of us believed motivational coaches, who shout positive affirmations of the “you can do it!” kind, then more of us would quickly become fewer of us.

Let’s admit it. Negative self-talk serves a positive purpose – to stop you getting positively hurt or becoming positively dead.

So think negatively before you talk yourself into what you positively fear.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.