#231: When is it chill to chill?

It’s almost that formal time to give thanks and you know what I’m thinking? How many of us were taught to give thanks before we received. This is a good thing.

What is not a good thing, though, is how many younger people today believe that it’s cool to relax before they’ve actually done anything.

One of the pleasure-pain games we played as kids went like this. First, eat your vegetables and then your meat. That philosophy applied to other areas. Schoolwork before play; chores before pocket money; work before vacation.

In those days, we had to earn the right to goof off. We knew that chilling is not a human right. It is a reward.

Don’t get me wrong. We knew how to chill alright, but we did it only once everything else had been done.

So, please teach your children that Thanksgiving is a time to chill, but only after they’ve eaten their broccoli.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.