#144: A Problem is an Opportunity When the Opportunity is Not the Problem

When is a problem an opportunity? And when is an opportunity a problem?

Here’s a hint. My son likes playing video games. The problem is that he wants to get to the next level of the game. No, no, that’s the opportunity. The problem is that which stops him grasping the opportunity, namely his homework.

Climbing an intimidating tree is not a problem; taking out the trash is. The opportunity is making a Frisbee float; the problem is clearing the lawn of dog pooh.

So what’s the answer? When is a problem an opportunity and vice versa?

  • A problem is an opportunity when you enjoy the process of solving it; an opportunity is a problem when your significant other wants the pleasure of you solving it.

Maybe if we optimists use that definition, we will stop annoying others by presenting our problems as their opportunities.

And it will help to remember that a problem is an opportunity when the opportunity is not the problem.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.