#97: When Downers Are Uppers

Feeling a little depressed, are you?

Don’t be sad. Depression could be good for you. Maybe not the deep kind, but the odd bout of the downers could lift you up.

There is an argument that mild depression has a purpose. It must satisfy a survival need, else why would your body and subconscious allow you to waste time and energy on it?

Hence the possibility that feeling down is simply nature’s way of telling you to stop and think, especially when all the roses smell rotten.

So don’t automatically put on a happy face. Instead, feed your frown until you uncover its message for you.

Remember, a forced happy face takes a lot of energy, energy that you could better use to think through your problems. And a decent frown is an easy way to keep others at bay.

After all, what is a depression? A sunken area with an upside ahead.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.