#228: What Should You Do When Change is Heavy?

The only constant is change.

So said Heraclitus, sometime ago, in 500 BC. And a lot has happened since then. Which has now brought us to this: too much to change, too little time.

This makes me wonder. Who triggers change (in your organization)? Who makes change happen? Who should you engage? Who should you ignore?


If you plan to make change happen, who should you influence? Not older people, according to a past chairman of Canon Corporation. He believed he wasted his time in trying to influence older business leaders.

It sounds like sense, doesn’t it? We tend to expect older people to resist change more. But that does not make automatic sense for you then to rely on younger people.

Younger people might not resist change as much, but they normally don’t have the power to make change happen.

In most societies and in many organizations, it is older people who are in charge, who have control, who make major decisions.

So keep the following in mind before you decide who to engage in making change happen. Resistance to change has little to do with physical age.

Whether they are young or old, better that you ignore the weight of their years as you measure their heaviness of spirit.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.


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