#143: What Outcome Do You Want From What Comes Out of Your Mouth?

In speaking, what do you emphasize, what do you stress? Let me guess. You emphasize what the other person is obviously not getting and then you stress that personality flaw which prevents the ‘getting’ of it.

Why? Because we often have time enough to repeat ourselves while lamenting the obtuseness of the listener.

I did not have that luxury when I spoke on public radio. I had to know the outcome I wanted before I gave it voice.

How did I remain focused on outcome? By asking myself these two questions and noting where I place the emphasis in my mind:

  • Do I have something to say or something I want you to hear?
  • Do I want to tell you something or do I want you to think something, feel something or do something as a result?

Here’s my mantra. Try it for yourself: What outcome do I want from what comes out of my mouth?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.