#80: We Will Feel Nice If You Stop Being a Nice Boss

Why do so many people want a nice boss? I don’t get it. Can a nice boss really make a difference? Will it boost your confidence, your performance, your commitment? I don’t think so.

It might boost your self-esteem for a moment, but doing good work is more about being pushed to your limit. Nice bosses don’t push that hard.

If you are too nice as a boss, if you are too free and easy with your little positive messages, and if you make your feedback general rather than specific, you will soon be seen as insincere. It will seem as if you hand out shiny trophies to people for simply showing up. Most people know that showing up is the first step to keeping a job.

Don’t be a patronizing boss. Be an effective boss, one who knows what outcomes matter and how to achieve them.

That will make all of us feel nice.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.