#92: Using Intuition Without Experience Can Hurt

When it comes to making decisions, do you go on intuition and gut feel or do you deliberate and evaluate?

No doubt, intuition and gut feel can be effective in deciding how and when to act. But they should not be the only way you make decisions, especially decisions that impact on others.

Decisions concerning strategy making and strategy execution require more skills than basic instinct. These additional skills are really not acquired in lecture halls and text books. They are acquired through trial and error; by understanding what worked when and why; by learning over time and over many successes and failures. In other words, through practical application, again and again.

We have a collective name for these additional skills. We call it experience.

Intuition and gut-feel work surprisingly well when based on real, practical experience. But if you have not yet accumulated a wealth of experience, better to leave your intuition and gut-feel at home, before you hurt others at work.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.