#86: Too Many Lost Leaders Clamoring for Attention

You can tell how lost people are by how much time they waste on leaders and leadership.

Note this. You will not be lost if you lead your life. Did you catch that? Lead your life. We are all leaders. So enough with this leadership nonsense.

Do you still think leadership is more about leading other people’s lives rather than merely your own? Then answer these questions before you impose your lead on others:

  • Do you have a strong drive to lead?
  • Is it strong no matter the circumstances?

There is a third question, but I’m afraid if you answered yes to the first two, then you are not equipped to answer this one:

  • Are you capable of leading?

In your case, only followers can answer that question accurately.

If you insist that you are capable, no matter the circumstances, then please consider this. Your leadership drive is merely your ego clamoring for attention.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.