#61: Resolve To Behave Badly To Make It Stick

Are you feeling better yet or are does your head still hurt from behaving badly?

I do hope you behaved badly. It’s so much easier to make resolutions stick if you start off from a low base.

For those few who behaved well, let’s consider why resolutions are easy to make but difficult to keep.

The word ‘resolution’ has different meanings. It can mean ‘separation into components’, ‘causing discord to pass into concord’, ‘boldness or firmness of purpose’, and ‘solving of problem or question’.

In other words, you must understand the components that make up your resolution; remove discord that prevents commitment; be bold and firm in action; and solve problems that crop up.

If that confused you, then consider this. A resolution is a choice about how you will behave from now on. Resolutions tend to be about behaving better which is why they don’t stick easily.

On the other hand, a resolution to behave badly is much easier to keep.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.