#60: Tidily Cheating At Resolutions

Some months ago I made a New Year’s resolution. You read right. Months ago.

I am so New Age that every day is a new year to me. Or maybe I am now old enough to treat every extra day as the start of a new year.

Whatever and nevertheless, I resolved to tidy my home office once and for all. I am now ready to report that I think my New Year’s resolution is a success.

I only think it is because I cheated a little. I moved my office to another part of the house and left the mess behind. How obvious a solution is that!

Not that obvious, it now appears. The mess has found me and is slowly sneaking into my new office.

As I watch it arrive, I realize that escaping to Mars is a bit of cheating that won’t help the human race at all.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.