#81: This Cubicle Can Predict Whether Your Business Will Sink or Soar

Do you know that the state of a certain cubicle in your company can predict whether your business will sink or soar? This cubicle shows how much you respect your employees and visitors, and how much they respect your company.

Yes, I’m talking about that cubicle, the one confusingly labeled the bathroom or the restroom.

Let me explain. Many people judge a restaurant by its food and service. I judge it by its toilets and coffee. Toilets and coffee are after thoughts. You ask for these at the end of your meal, when you have already committed your wallet, which is why some restauranteurs skimp on toilets and coffee.

If they do, I don’t go back.

Some companies skimp on toilets. If employees had more power, I’m sure they won’t go back either.

Come on! Give your employees an unexpected bonus. Freshen up those cubicles.

Oh yes, and please give them decent coffee.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.