#91: There Is No Charm in Being Late

When I was your age and still dating, I was never late to pick up my date. If too early, I cruised around the block until I could knock on her door at exactly the appointed time.

Yes, my dates were such that I did not want to miss a single minute with the latest miss. But to this day I am never late for a meeting, business or casual.

However, being on time for formal meetings has two serious drawbacks. Wasting time waiting for latecomers and then listening to the meeting chair recap the meeting for the late latecomers.

Many a date who kept me waiting had real charms at play, but I have yet to find the charm in those who keep me waiting at work.

And as for chairpersons who think it polite to recap for latecomers, well, I politely suggest that you are being rude to us who bothered to be on time.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.