#119: The Right Way To Be All Right Is To Be Comfortably Wrong

Nonsense has taught me many a useful thing. Here’s one that keeps me mellow and unfazed.

The way to be right is not to make others wrong. The way to be right is to be all right, as in “I’m all right, Jack.”

Let me explain. Our world is constantly changing. Being right is a moment-to-moment affair. Right becomes wrong as easily as wrong becomes right.

Life is a flip-flop. And being right all the time can be so tiring and tiresome.

So I’ve swapped being right for being all right. Here’s how:

  1. Actively choose to be all right instead of trying to be always right.
  2. Next, aim to be comfortably wrong.
  3. When you are wrong, don’t rationalize. Apologize and get over it.
  4. Then get on with helping others to be right.

Now repeat after me:

The way to be all right is to be comfortable with wrong as you help others to go right where they fear going wrong.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.