#156: Skilled Doers Deserve More Respect Than Skilled Thinkers

There is a difference between teaching kids to think for themselves and to teach them a specific skill. An obvious statement, yes, but we tend to ignore the consequences.

We judge some kids early on as not worthy of thinking for themselves, and so they are taught specific manual skills, like plumbing. I was judged worthy of thinking for myself. But luckily I also had a father who taught me skills, like plumbing. And so for many years I could do both.

Today I find myself too tired to do manual skills jobs myself. I still know how to do them, but I need younger people with skills and energy to do the doing.

The funny thing is, these skilled people have somehow learned to solve problems. They have learned to think.

Yet, the thinkers I know still cannot do manual skills jobs. And now I wonder, who is more deserving of respect?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.