#68? Should You Dress To Impress When Working From Home?

A benefit of mostly working from home is the saving on clothes. Come on, you wouldn’t dress up either if you only had to crawl down the hall to your office. Who would I impress by dressing up? My PC already loves me just the way I am.

For years I have fooled myself into believing it a benefit not to dress appropriately. I am no longer sure that it is a benefit.

I’ve always realized the truth in “dress to impress.” What I did not realize is that the person most often in need of being impressed is me.

It concerns the self-image I create for myself. In other words, when I dress like a slob, I feel like a slob and I work like a slob. When I dress for success, I feel a success and my work shows success.

How I dress does not change my ability, but it does affect my success.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.