#145: Remember Me? I Work for You

Working from home makes some things easier and others harder.

Thank you, thank you. I also think it a profound insight. What’s with the thank you, thank you? Feedback and appraisal!

Giving feedback and doing appraisals are hard. But they are much harder to do face-to-screen or ear-to-device. That’s if you even remember to do them.

Yet, now is exactly the time you should be more caring with your feedback and diligent with your appraisals. People at home need to feel remembered.

Just because you can’t see them is no excuse not to still manage them professionally. Give them feedback. Talk about their performance. Above all, show some appreciation.

And what about you? Have you gotten feedback and appreciation? No? Well, have you asked?

Remember, the higher up the ladder you are, the less direct feedback you will get and your back will feel more indirect appraisal. So turn around and ask. Before it’s too late.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.