#113: Please Care Enough To Criticize Someone You Like

If I don’t get criticized soon, then things will become critical around here. Critical as in crisis.

Positive feedback won’t help me much, because then I might smile and become complacent. Negative feedback won’t help me much because then I might frown and become defensive.

I need critical feedback, feedback based on objective judgment of the merits and faults of what I have done; feedback that is unambiguous so that I can understand it; feedback that is constructive so that I can act on it.

Why don’t I get criticized? Because we have corrupted the process of being critical. Now I feel fearful receiving it and you feel guilty giving it.

We have made giving feedback a PC affair. Politely Cautious.

But the real issue is this. When people stop caring about you, they stop criticizing you. They have written you off and given you up.

So, please, please criticize me.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.