#227: Listen to the Idea, Not the Person

Are you also struggling to get through this era of endless political waffle? Well, here’s a game you can play.

It might not help you much in coping with politicians, but I guarantee it will make you a more effective leader, manager, employee, worker, person, significant other, friend, and whatnot.

(It might even make you a more effective voter. But that might be a claim too far.)

As a manager, you must pay attention so that you don’t misinterpret reality. Here’s a game that will help you practice your focus on what matters.

For one week, listen to the message, not the messenger.

Focus on what is said, not on who is saying it.

Too many good ideas are not heard simply because we focus on the person with the idea instead of on the idea itself. And if we don’t like the person or think the person a weirdo or whatever, we tend to transfer these feelings onto the idea as well.

Because we have discounted the person, we discount the idea.

It’s known as arguing against the person. That’s right, politicians and their hangers-on do this all the time. But why should you?

It is quite possible for a weirdo to have a pretty powerful idea now and then. So, please, listen to the idea and ignore the person.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.