#130: Lazy Likes It Hotter

It’s hot! And getting hotter, so they say. It sounds a bit like that Find-the-Easter-Egg game. Am I getting warmer? Hotter?

Actually, it reminds me of not doing my chores as a teenager. I disliked being disciplined and told what to do, like making my bed and tidying my room. That’s when things got really hot.

Yet, somewhere along the way, it all began to make sense. It became second nature to keep my space tidy and to respect the space I share with others. Today I am pleased that they taught (forced?) me to take responsibility for my space.

People who show little respect for their personal space are unlikely to show respect for public space. This lack of respect is killing our planet.

Politicians and leaders cannot save our planet. Only parents have that power. It begins by teaching children to respect spaces, private and public.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.