#90: It Is Time To Blame We the People

What is an organization? In many ways it is simply one big team made up of a few little teams made up of many individuals.

But we tend to forget that, don’t we?

Not only do we give the organization a legal status. We also give it ‘life’ by assuming that it exists independently of the people who energize it. The outcome is that we, on the outside, are too quick to blame any nonsense on the organization instead of on the people who are the organization.

And the people on the inside are too quick to blame any nonsense on policies and procedures, on bureaucracy and red-tape, instead of on themselves, those who perpetuate the flawed designs.

We blame the organization when we should blame the individuals who comprise the organization.

Currently, a lot of whining is aimed at Washington. I say stop it! It’s nonsense to blame the government when we should blame we the people.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.