#74: If You Want To Be a Leader First Be a Time Traveler

Are you a time traveler? If not, then you are not a leader.

And don’t even think of being a CEO.

What do I mean by time traveler? Someone who can project his or her mind into the future… and so be able to imagine and describe a probable future.

There are two aspects to this skill.

You must be able to imagine the future and to explain how best to act today to prepare for that future. More importantly, you must be able to imagine your preferred future and then be able to determine what you should do today to make that desired future a reality.

Why does this skill matter?

When we look to the future, we tend to see obstacles. But when you ‘stand’ in the future and look back in time, you tend to see the path to that future.

Describing that path to others is the role of a leader.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.