If You Don’t Get It, Fill It or Zip It

Insight #132

You should know when to zip it. Especially in the office. (Created with Microsoft Copilot)

. . .

I am tired of people who don’t get it, don’t fill it and don’t zip it.

Yes, I realize there is much more to know on this planet today than ever before. So obviously there is a lot you might not know or understand. Which means often you might not get it—a fact, a truth, a point being made, whatever.

But if you know you don’t get it, what do you do? Do you complain about not knowing? Or do you find ways to fill the gaps in your not knowing?

The internet, wireless access, and cellphone connectivity make it extremely easy to find out almost anything while being almost anywhere. And yet, many people still don’t bother to fill in the gaps in their not knowing.

Even worse, they don’t zip it. They continue to display their not knowing by shouting their ignorance into the void. Because they can. By using the internet, wireless access, and cellphone connectivity.

Please, if you don’t get it, fill it.

But above all, zip it.

(Me? I hide my ignorance by claiming I always see sense in nonsense. But do I then zip it? You tell me.)

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .