#73: Practice Single-Minded Multi-Tasking If Outcomes Don’t Matter

Have you heard the one about the Jack of all trades who became the master of none? You have? Then why are you still so keen on multi-tasking?

Multi-tasking does not work. Mmmaybe it does, at least according to my wife. What I mean is that multi-tasking does not work very well. No, that’s still not right. Hang on, let me stop watching the news and focus on what I’m saying.

Multi-tasking works well enough if the outcomes of the different tasks that you are doing at once don’t matter much. However, if the different outcomes do matter, then you should give each task the single-minded focus it deserves.

Single-mindedness can deliver two bonuses. Not only are you likely to get each task done quicker, you tend to produce better quality outcomes as well.

On the other hand, if positive outcomes don’t matter to you, then by all means text and drive at the same time.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.