#129: How To Step Lightly and Smell Like Roses

It’s time to lighten your step as you find time to smell the roses. In my experience there is only one tried and tested way to unburden yourself enough to step lightly. Aim lower.

I have learned at great personal cost that the world will not end if I lowered my standards. Go on, try it, and lighten up.

Once you’ve mastered that trick, the next one will be a piece of cake. It’s a tried and tested way to create more time to smell the roses. Procrastinate!

You have no idea how much time I’ve saved myself this way. Invariably someone runs out of patience and does whatever on my behalf.

Do you need more convincing? Well then, consider your civic duty. You can do over achievers and success junkies a huge service.

Step lightly out of their way as they rush passed on their highway to nowhere.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.