#146: How to Make Yourself Hot and Bothered

It’s hot. And getting hotter. So they say. But there’s little agreement on why it’s getting hotter.

Here’s what we can agree on. If you don’t do what you committed to do, you will feel hot and bothered. And the longer it bothers you, the hotter you’ll get.

If you’re like me, you’ll put on your shrug-mask, the one that shows you believe procrastination is part of being human. But, like me, you also know that the shrug does not get rid of the feeling that you really should have and really still ought to.

Being human also means we can fool others, but not ourselves. This is the tricky aspect to being human, and this is how it messes with you. Once you have decided on doing something, you have made a commitment to yourself.

Even if no one else knows about it, you’ve been set-up. You are the one person you cannot shrug off with a casual, “Sorry! I’ll get to it.”

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.