#112: How To Make Big Decisions Easier To Take

Few of us enjoy making big decisions. And yet make them we must. So it helps to understand a few things about big decisions.

First, only you know what is big for you to decide. Second, big decisions change over time and with experience gained. Third, well, listen to this true story:

During an opinion survey of Irish households, a woman was asked about family decisions. Who decides where they should live, where the kids go to school, where the family goes on vacation, and so on. To every question she answered, “I do.”

“And your husband?” asked the confused pollster. “Oh,” said the wife, “he decides whether Israel should get out of the West Bank, whether taxes should be cut, what Brussels should do about the Euro, and so on.”

Yes, indeed, it is so much easier to make big decisions that have nothing to do with you.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.