#55: How To Dump the American Way

My wife and son have embarrassed me.


I try so hard to come across as an American, even though I’m from Africa. They just don’t bother.

Here’s what happened. My wife and son go to the dump to dump what should be dumped. They come home with more stuff than they dumped.

How disappointing. No, not the stuff. After all, we are from a poor continent where stuff seldom make it to a dump.

I am disappointed that they refuse to do the American thing. Boost the economy by buying new stuff. And this one day after Black Friday!

I hate to think what would happen to our economy if everybody passed stuff on instead of dumping to make room for brand new stuff that could be dumped later when even newer stuff came along.

So I did the right thing. I rushed out to buy an electronic gadget.

And I felt a better American for having done so.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.