#64: How To Be Irritated Into a Better You

This year is already off to a good start but what about me? Can I aim for a better Me?

Yes I can.

If, according to some experts, I set huge goals.

But we all know that resolutions don’t stick. So I’ll try the opposite. I’ll make a small one with huge clout. And then make it stick once a week.

I’ll spend time with a friend. (Small, yes, but where’s the clout?)

The clout is in the meaning of friend. Acquaintances and so-called friends on social networks accept me as I appear to be. I don’t mind them and they don’t mind me.

But real friends! They put up with how I project myself, yet they insist on seeing me as how I could be. Then they love me into being this better me.

How irritating!

So, make a small resolution with huge clout. Meet a real friend a week and be irritated into being a better you.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.