#236: Give Your Goal More Meaning

You are about to travel somewhere. (Play along even if you’re not going anywhere.)

What is your planned goal? And what is your desired outcome?

Chances are they are different. Here’s why. We tend to see our destination as the goal and we stop thinking deeper. If your goal matters, then give it more depth, give it emotional meaning.

Here’s how. When someone you care about is driving somewhere without you, do you care about their destination (their goal)? Or do you care about them arriving safely (your desired outcome)?

Yes, you do want them to get to their destination. But you want them to get there in one piece, unharmed.

Treat yourself the same way. Consider the desired outcome, not just the goal, in what you plan to do.

(Maybe then your resolutions will stick. But that’s another story.)

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.