#66: Give In Now or Be Exhausted by June

We are midway through January and I’ve finally figured out my strategy for the year.

You might believe that life is a constant struggle, but I commit to success through the Easy Way. Like a river flowing downhill to the sea.

Have you swum across a river? The inexperienced river-crosser aims at a point directly across and struggles against the current. The experienced swimmer merely aims to get across and flows with the current to the other side.

If you aim at a specific spot, then you must “tame” the river. But if you merely aim to cross over, then you can ride the current across and walk to the desired spot.

About midway across, the inexperienced river-crosser will find that his struggle has exhausted him. Now he must choose. A final fight against the current or give in to its flow.

Me? I’m giving in now, going with the flow, so I won’t be exhausted by June.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.