#82: Gallery Boost for Your Business Is No Team Building Time-Waster

Why does visual art matter? Until this month, this question did not bother me. However, work I’m doing for a client has changed my thinking so much that I now say this:

Skip your next team building time-waster and take your team to an art gallery. Here’s why.

Perception is reality, but there is no reality without interpretation. We constantly reconstruct and interpret reality. This is why two people can consider the same event, ‘see’ different things, experience unique feelings and draw dissimilar conclusions.

By paying attention to perceptions and different conclusions, you can boost your business. Because seeing differently creates insight. And insight can reveal opportunities and uncover threats.

Trying to make sense of visual art is a good way of exploring perceptions and practicing to see differently. So visit a gallery to boost your business.

And remember, you are supposed to think, ‘What was she smoking?’

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.