#225: Familiarity Breeds Effectiveness

And No Promotion

Do you want to know why you struggle to be promoted? In one word, laziness.

No, not your laziness. (Well, maybe yours, but let’s ignore that for a moment. The way you ignore it from moment to moment. Like I do.)

I’m talking about laziness from above. That laziness is triggered by intimacy.

(Oops! Right meaning; wrong word for this day and age. Better to use the safer synonym, familiarity.)

That laziness is triggered by familiarity.


Familiarity breeds effectiveness. And no promotion.

An effective manager-employee relationship forms when the boss knows the employee so well that he or she instinctively gets the best work out of the employee. So the longer you stay with your current boss, the easier it becomes for your boss and the better for you.

Or maybe not.

As always, nonsense is at work. In this case, familiarity is at work. The longer you stay, the more familiar you become to your boss and the more what you do will be seen as only what you can do.

I call this managing through the eyes of memory. You might change and develop, but because there’s a gap between the new internal you and the old external you, your boss does not see you as you are now, but as you were then.

So here’s why you won’t be promoted soon. Your boss likes it easy. Your boss cannot see the new, improved you. And familiarity breeds contempt.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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