#105: Don’t Waste Wasting Time

Do you feel guilty about wasting time? Here’s how to get over it.

Acknowledge that you are often not to blame for time wasted. Being caught up in time wasting situations, like traffic jams, is just a perk of modern life.

And because of our modern gadgets, we are now far more aware of what else we could be, or should be, doing with our time. Acknowledge that this awareness is not always a perk. More often it is a curse.

Time was when we viewed moments of forced inactivity as simply . . . moments. And so we stayed in the moment instead of running with could be and should be.

Don’t waste your wasted time. Re-imagine it; then re-purpose it. Enjoy it, relax in it, share it, and learn from it.

Above all, let it recharge you, not deplete you.

Then you can be even more productive when your time of forced inactivity is over.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.