#226: Don’t Let Your Open Door Policy Turn You Into a Willy-Nilly Boss

Do you have an open Zoom policy? Or an open Teams policy? Or an open Virtual policy? Okay, that last one makes little sense.

Working from home has taught us we shouldn’t risk an open webcam policy. It could be as disastrous as having an open mic incident. Or as time-wasting as practicing open door management back at the office.

Time-wasting? Yes. An open door policy is a complete time waster. Read on.

Did you know that once upon a time, China endured an imposed open door policy? Western powers enforced it to prevent one country gaining favorite trading access to China.

Today, we assume bosses tolerate an open door policy to give workers equal access. In reality, the policy protects the boss by enabling him or her to say, “Talk to me at any time about anything!”, knowing full well that most employees will always be too intimidated to speak up.

Here’s why an open door is plain nonsense. No one can do a good job if interrupted willy-nilly. I suggest you be a good boss and follow the doctor’s orders. The doctor can only be consulted when the doctor is in. So, make a sign for your door: The boss is in. Or Not.

But then again, if you have nothing of import to do, then by all means have an open door policy.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.