#249: Don’t Complain About What Happened if You Can’t Contribute to Making It Happen

Once again, we have a cloud full of so-called experts raining down their unasked-for wisdom.

Actually, “once again” is wrong. Cyberspace has always hosted these experts ever since cyberspace was invented. They just seem more numerous today. But that is just the nature of cyberspace, ever expanding.

I too am a so-called expert. I am a nonsense expert. Here is my nonsense advice on how you should deal with so-called experts, including me.

Have you seen those ridiculous headlines about a company reporting positive earnings, but the stock drops because analysts had wanted more?

These ridiculous headlines give credibility to analysts who sit in comfort at their desks, reviewing what happened, but never creating what is happening. Come on, people. Even I play better football sitting in the stands than the tired players on the field; even I know more slouching on my couch than the coach up close.

Why are we so easily influenced by so-called experts, when deep down we know that these same backseat drivers would have no idea what to do if they had to react to unfolding events as they happen in the real world of customers, competitors, suppliers, employees, shareholders, analysts, rain, sleet or snow.

It is time to ignore those who have the power to complain about what happened, but who cannot contribute to making it happen.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.