#239: Do you need a mentor or a coach? How To Decide.

Too many goals, not enough go. Would a coach help?

That question is so then. Today, the question is: Would a coach help more than an app?

Actually, there is a third question:

What’s the difference between a mentor and a coach? Here’s my simple explanation. A mentor looks after your interests, whereas a coach looks after your skills.

A mentor is normally an older person who takes you under his or her wing. Your mentor has two main tasks. One, to promote a career path for you, for example, by speaking up for you and by introducing you to powerful people. And two, by showing you how to fit in better (style, behavior, dress, attitude, and so on). Thus, a mentor helps you get ahead by opening doors for you.

A coach guides you to perform better by becoming more effective, mainly by helping you develop the skills you need to achieve the outcomes that matter.

Here’s my simple summary. A mentor helps you get ahead. A coach helps you get yourself ahead.

In other words, you should have both.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.