#62: Connect Your Manners To Build Relationships

Have you listed the required number of New Year’s resolutions? If not, please add the following one. Actually, please add it even if your list is full.

Stop sending me generic invitations to connect with you on LinkedIn or on any other social media. Please.

If I don’t know you, if we have not yet met, and if no matchmaker is involved, then please dust off your manners and introduce yourself before asking me to connect with you.

Connections do matter . . . to your cell phone and your wireless device. We notice connections only when they are dropped. But connections are not relationships. A connection is the first tiny step, nothing more.

A connection made with care stands a very good chance of not being dropped. Only then can it be turned into a mutually beneficial relationship.

By all means reach out to others, but please handle the connection with care. Mind your manners.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.