#136: Chew on This Thought if You Can

I had lunch with a new friend who hoped that our life stories would be different enough to stimulate interesting conversation. I hoped for good food.

Interacting with people who do not think for themselves bores him. Too many people, he said, are told what to think and not taught how to think.

Noticing that I ate fast, he slyly mentioned that he was also taught how to chew properly.

Wait! There’s a message here. How to chew; how to think.

  • Chew properly so that food can be better digested; think properly so that ideas can be better assimilated.
  • Proper chewing releases more flavors; proper thinking releases more nuances.
  • Do not speak with your mouth full; do not speak with your mind full.

As I ruminated on this, I realized, again, that we are not cows who chew the cud aimlessly. We humans think with purpose.

I hope.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.